Up from the ashes!

How groovy is this Phoenix?  If I ever put out an album...

How groovy is this Phoenix?  If I ever put out an album...

Welcome to my brand spanking new blog.  I am guessing that most who find this new site will be familiar with my last blog,   www.manmeetsscale.com, which I wrote from Spring of 2009 until August of 2013.  The first question could reasonably be:  why a new blog and why not just keep writing on MMS?  The very simple reason is that I am no longer working for Weight Watchers.  While MMS was mostly about me and what I ate for lunch, it nonetheless had a Weight Watchers spin, given the job I had there.  Starting a new blog creates an opportunity for me to write with a kind of new voice.  I am who I am, but I also can explore stuff I couldn't really get into when I was the CEO of Weight Watchers.  Maybe I will talk about belly lint.  Who knows?  

Why "Navel-Gazer"?  In the four years that I was writing MMS, I spent an awful lot of time thinking about why I ate what I ate and how I felt about it all.  I then upped the ante by putting it all into a book.  It was a fascinating experience of arguably over-self contemplation as it related to food and exercise.  All of this begs the question:  why stop at food?  I could talk about my hair, my favorite t-shirt, and all sorts of crazy interesting stuff.  I may still write about obesity topics (in a completely non-Weight Watchers affiliated kind of way), but I can write about all sorts of other stuff too.  As long as I can work hard to find a way to make it all about me, I will be true to the navel-gazing mission.   

On a somewhat more serious note, I found the process of examining myself on a periodic basis to be pretty helpful.  Writing MMS truly helped me get a grip on my life in weight maintenance (may I forever stay there) as it forced me to take honest stock on what was really going on in my head and my life.  Continuing the practice only seems likely to remain a useful way of examining my brain and all of its weirdness, which always seems slightly less weird when I write it down.  As well, life goes awfully fast, and it's hard to remember what happens one day until the next.  Writing this little self-focused journal seems like a nifty way of taking snapshots so I can remember what happened along the way.   

Writing a journal is a time-honored tradition that really is by definition self-obsessed but need not be mocked (too much).  Writing down everything we do and think has huge value for the benefit of introspection.  It's also a fantastic way for people who have gotten the urge to write to keep up their practice.  Writing has become an excellent hobby that I developed a taste for later in life, and this is a great way to indulge it.  The only difference between journalling and blogging seems to be the sharing part.  Why share?  I don't know.  It's just what the kids are doing these days.   

I officially left Weight Watchers at the end of August and became fully untethered as of September 1, 2013.  My time at Weight Watchers was spectacular and amazing, but I spent every day for nearly fourteen years knowing exactly what problem I was going to be working on:  obesity.  Now I am in a place where I don't know what is next, and I'm happy about that.  Not often in life do we have the opportunity to look at the world with completely open eyes, without thinking about what meeting is going to start five minutes from now.  

My plan has been to use five to six months to open my eyes to the world and my life.  This means LOTS of travel, spending time during the day at home, talking to many, many different people and ultimately figuring out what's next.   

I've already gotten started.  I just got back Sunday night from a trip that started in Phoenix, AZ and ended in Marbella, Spain with many stops over the three weeks in between.  More on that in later posts.  

In the mean time, thanks for stopping by.  My goal is to amuse (at least myself) and hopefully provide the occasionally useful insight (at least for myself).  

BTW, I had my annual physical yesterday, and I was three pounds under goal weight.  After three weeks of not-always-responsible travel, I'm a little baffled.  More on this later as well.   



p.s., thanks to my artistically inclined nephew Andrew for pointing me to SquareSpace as an alternative to WordPress.  I'm an iPhone guy, so this interface is pretty perfect for me.  The blog is far from pretty, but I will work on that in the time to come.