Day 5: Hong Kong >> Bangkok

So I just got into my hotel in Bangkok at around 4 PM, having been picked up at my hotel in Hong Kong at 9 AM.  It's only a three hour flight but consider the change of time zone, the time to and from the airports, waiting for the flight, etc., and I've basically lost the biggest chunk of the day.  Adding insult to injury, my Thai guide met me at the airport in Bangkok and informed me that I needed to be out of the hotel tomorrow morning at 4:30 AM in order to catch a 7:20 flight to Paro in Bhutan.  The obvious implication is that I have to get up kind of early.  

So!  This all would suggest that I'm not going to have much of anything interesting going on today.  Suffice to say, making a late night of it in Bangkok tonight would be a colossally bad idea (beyond the usual reasons).  Once I get to Paro tomorrow, I've got what I understand to be a harrowing four hour drive to get to the first village I'm visiting.  Best for me to have a settled stomach.    

My first instinct about all of this was to be put out that I basically am losing a day of doing stuff.  Then it occurred to me that I'm getting ready to go to the Himalayas.  In olden times that would have been a long, multi-month trek with a bunch of pissed off donkeys and irritated sherpas.  So in the scheme of things, perhaps I could benefit from a modest amount of perspective.   We get so used to being able to get to wherever we want to go in a nanosecond that we (or at least I) get torqued up when things don't happen instantaneously.  

Thailand is about 95% Buddhist and Bhutan is close to 100%.  Maybe I should catch that spirit of the local religion and meditate away my boundless impatience.  

In the mean time, I can at least be happy by the view from my window...

Bangkok from my window.jpg